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Trend  Hinge Jig 2 Part H/JIG/A
Trend Worktop Scriber Offset M/KWS01
Trend SNAP/CS/4 Snappy Drill Coutersink 2mm (5/64")
Trend SNAP/CS/6 Snappy Drill Coutersink 2.5 mm (3/32")
Trend SNAP/CS/8 Snappy Drill Coutersink 2.75mm (7/64")
Trend SNAP/CS/10 Snappy Drill Coutersink 3.25mm (1/8")
Trend SNAP/CS/12 Snappy Drill Coutersink 3.5mm (9/64")
Trend SNAP/CS/SET Snappy Drill Coutersink HSS Set 5 Piece
Trend SNAP/D/SET/2 Snappy HSS Drill Bits 7 Piece Metric
Trend Snappy 3/32" (2.5 mm) drill and adapter SNAP/D/3
Trend Snappy 1/8 (3.2 mm) drill and adapter SNAP/D/4
Trend Snappy 5/32 (3.96 mm) drill and adapter SNAP/D/5
Trend Snappy 3/16 (4.7 mm) drill and adapter SNAP/D/6
Trend Snappy 7/32 (5.55 mm) drill and adapter SNAP/D/7
Trend Snappy 1/4 (6.35 mm) drill and adapter SNAP/D/8
Trend SNAP/MD2/SET Snappy Masonry Drill Bit Set 5pc Colour Depth Band
Trend Grabit Remover - Damadged Screw & Bolt Remover
Trend PB/29 Planer Blade Set 82x5.5x1.1mm TC Twin Pack
Trend SNAP/HD/SET Snappy Hex Drill Set Metric 7 piece
Trend SNAP/QC Snappy Quick Chuck Only
Trend SNAP/ASA/2 Snappy Angle Screwdriver  Attachment Mark 2
Trend Snappy SNAP/MAG Magnetic Holder for No.2  Screws
Trend Snappy SNAP/MSH Magnetic Drive Holder and Pozi No.2
Trend SNAP/MSH/12 Snappy Magnetic Driver No 12 with No3 Pozi
Trend DAR/200 Digital Angle Rule 200mm
Trend Snappy SNAP/SB2/SET Screwdriver Bit Set 31 Pieces
Trend Snappy SNAP/MB/35TC Machine Bit 35mm diameter
Trend Snappy SNAP/MB/26TC Machine Bit 26mm Diameter
Trend Snappy SNAP/TH5/SET Tool Holder 22 Piece Kitchen Set
Trend Snappy SNAP/TH1/SET Tool Holder 30 Piece Bit Set
Trend Snappy Offline Driver SNAP/OFLD
Trend T4EK 850W 1/4" Variable Speed Router c/w Kitbox